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Some of my clients.....


Please see below for some testimonials and please contact me if you would like to see additional letters of recommendation.

Michael G. Polo President/Founder of ACMT, Inc. Advanced Composites & Metalforming Technologies, Inc.
February, 2017 
"I have worked with Lisa Sanders for over a year and she has redefined my view of a true Human Resources leader. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing our employee handbook updates and practices to encompass the doubling of our company's size. She also implemented our stringent background check policy and she has always been a joy to work with."

Philip Gronback 
Operations Manager
Glastonbury Southern Gage (CT)
February, 2017 

"Working with Lisa was a pleasure and her perfessionism was outstanding. Lisa has a strong ability to obtain a perfect balance between both associate and corporate interests that leads to a mutually beneficial relationship that is both fair and productive. The experience she has to offer can be a huge benefit to any organizations that requires support in the areas of Human Resources. Highly recommended."

Rich Davis, Youth Employer Engagement Specialist Capital Workforce Partners 
February, 2017

​"I worked with Lisa Sanders while she was the Human Resources Director at ACMT, Inc. Lisa was a great partner in connecting Hartford high school students with interest in manufacturing as a future career, to actual worksite experiences. She was a wonderful supervisor and advisor for them and shepherded them through the several months of their assignments. Because of their experience with Lisa, several if not all determined that manufacturing is the career they want to pursue. I highly recommend Lisa for any Human Resource needs your organization may have."​

Lynn Raicik, Program Manager – Manufacturing Careers Program, Education and Workforce Development, Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology - CCAT
February, 2017 

"As a Human Resources professional, Lisa Sanders has been instrumental in providing support and guidance to graduates of the CCAT Manufacturing Careers Program. Her philosophy aligns with a company's mission and goals regarding productivity and profit. Her advocacy on behalf of the employer has influenced more intense pre-screening for candidates and a more thorough evaluation of competencies leading to a better job match. Lisa's commitment to strengthen the link between the employer and job seeker improves retention and redesigns a company infrastructure for greater growth."

Jose Merced, Quality Manager Former employee of ACMT, Inc. & Alpha Q,Inc.
January, 2017

"I had the opportunity to work with Lisa under two different leadership roles. The first time was while I was working as a Quality Tech/Engineer for Alpha Q. It was Lisa who took notice while reviewing my resume that I had the necessary skills to fill a much needed void in the Quality Dept. at that time. Due to her keen sense of seeking talented professionals I was able to be work closely with one of the best Quality Manager's in the industry. My second time working with Lisa, was when I took on the role of Quality Manager at ACMT. Although my time with ACMT was very brief, it was Lisa's leadership and guidance that helped me get through some of the many challenges I faced during my time at ACMT. I will always be grateful to having the opportunity to have worked with Lisa during my career!"

Kristi Calverase B.S., Corporate Fitness & Health, Lead Health Promotion Coordinator
February, 2017

​“Corporate Fitness & Health has had an ongoing working relationship with Lisa for a few years now. Our experience with her, as a wellness vendor, has always been positive. She is great at keeping the lines of communication open and has been wonderful to collaborate with when developing company wellness programs. She has a good understanding of what areas of wellness need to be targeted, but also takes into consideration the interests of the employees, which helped us to create well rounded programs.”

Michael Scotto, V.P. Business Development ACMT, Inc.  
January, 2017

​ "You have been a true asset to ACMT, Inc. and it is obvious that you are going to be missed. We were always confident of your work and thankful in getting us to where we needed to be. When ACMT grew in size we needed someone to create and build a robust HR department and you were right for the job. It is great to know that we have had such a loyal member of staff and one who was always willing to undertake the hard work required. Knowing the system you have put in place I am confident that our next HR professional will be able to hit the ground running. I know that this decision was difficult and will take some getting used to but it is a great opportunity for you. There is so much that you can do with HR consulting, not least the art work you have always enjoyed. I know that you have already planned to do so much, and I am sure that everything will work out for you. Make sure that you keep in touch and visit us when you can. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who requires your HR Consulting services."  

Jonathan Elwood, BOSS Pro StaffingEngineering/Manufacturing Recruiter
January, 2017

​"I had the opportunity to work with Lisa while she was the HR Manager at Alpha Q. Lisa was very dedicated to the talent search process. She was always responsive to my communications, and had a very strong understanding of the roles, duties, and backgrounds needed to fill the positions we were scouting for. She was thorough in getting back to me with the information I needed, which was important for both her company, and my candidates, (as well as my colleagues who managed these candidates). This made the process flow very smoothly, and we could be successful in finding the right candidate in a very timely fashion. Lisa is very thorough and efficient in her work. Lisa's knowledge and understanding of the entire recruiting and on-boarding process was second to none, which made her company a priority client for myself and my colleagues. I would recommend Lisa for any HR needs or consultation that your company may have."

Richard Carter, R&B Photography Former employee of Home Instead Senior Care
January, 2017

"I worked for 2 years under Lisa's wing as her HR Assistant at Home Instead Senior Care in Tolland, CT. In that time, I was taught the ins and outs of human resources. From things like - how to carefully find the right caregiver with the right skill-set. Her poise, attention to detail, and her wonderful personality helped me when the time came to venture out and set my own business goals. Lisa, I can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance!"